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    WTB Liberator Fairing

    There is one in Vancouver, WA for $200 obo
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    Cycle Canada Terraplane Review 1982

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing.
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    Looking for a Vetter Terraplane windshield

    I'd give this place a try...
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    Windjammer 4 on a '93 Suzuki GSX1100G

    Looking good! It's amazing how the Windjammer styling works on newer (25 year old) bikes! Thank you for sharing!
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    Bike or jet-ski?

    Who was in charge of naming it? BiSki?? Boatercycle would've been better.
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    Greetings From CFL

    Welcome to VOG! For a decent deal (and to save on shipping costs) I'd check the local Craigslist for the fairing. You'll probably have to fabricate your own mounting brackets, though. If you get a chance, post a picture as we all love pictures here!
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    Idaho Bound

    Thank you! I was the same way, I always supported them, but never joined. One of the requirements for the school is to be an NRA member, so I signed up for a 5 year as well. I'm still in the "basics" section of school, where all of our projects are being done using hand tools and occasionally...
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    Idaho Bound

    Thank you! Kansas is a very pro 2nd amendment state as well. The area where I live has been without a professional gunsmith for a number of years and everyone I talked to was looking forward to having one back in the area. It's also a prime hunting area, so I feel like I would do alright if I...
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    Idaho Bound

    Stepping out of the policing world for now. I'm attending a gunsmithing school. I've always enjoyed working on firearms, so I figured I'd look into making it a career. Plans are to get educated and head back to Kansas to open up a shop. I guess I'll see how feasible that is with the current...
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    Yahoo fourm move

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Looking for help/advice.

    Mounting the Windjammer to your bike will be an undertaking. There isn't a mount made specifically for your bike, which means one will have to be fabricated. I believe Craig stated to properly mount the Windjammer, the angle of the windshield should match the angle of the forks. It can be...
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    A call for Vetter serial numbers

    I have 29-20852, which I think is the lowest numbered set.
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    Idaho Bound

    Congrats on the move! I've been absent from the board for awhile as I just relocated as well. Moved to the Denver, CO area for school.