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    terraplane gone!

    Well, after owning my 80 GL1100 for 20 years and a Terraplane sidecar for about 15 of those, I finally parted company with both. I sold the complete package about a week ago. I got what I wanted out of it and the new owner seemed quite happy. He wanted something to haul his 'puppy' ( full...
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    OEM Vetter Backrest/Brackets

    I can't remember exactly who made that back rest system. I believe it may have been 'Triple A'. They made many accessories for bikes back then. I had a similar system on my Gold Wing when I bought it. Does your back rest slide forward and backward? Many of that style did, supposed to help...
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    Unknown fairing with Cycle sound - not one of the first Windjammers at all but a 100% clone...

    Other than the side marker lights, it looks like the very first Windjammer I had back in 1973 or74. I had the first Windjammer in the Fargo/Moorhead area. Both Honda dealers sold many fairings because people had seen mine and talked to me about them. Unfortunately I did NOT receive any...
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    Rare info on the Terraplane

    Has anyone actually seen or have a Terraplane with ABS body??
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    WTB Liberator Fairing

    Shoot me a private message and I will give you the number to the guy in Fargo ND who just may want to unload one.
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    Higher Speeds with W5

    I have a Windjammer SS with IV lowers on a 80 GL 1100. I don't know how fast it really goes as the speedometer only goes to 85. I have had it past 6000 rpm's and it ran up there quite nicely and did not seem light as I recall. That was quite a few years ago and today my need for speed has...
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    WTB Liberator Fairing

    I have been in touch with a gentleman in the Fargo area that used to own a HD dealership and may have at least one Liberator in one of his storage sheds. He would be willing to part with it. We did not talk about prices, this would be new in box so I would think $600 might be a fair price to...
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    Plastic part to join windscreens and sidecar cover

    I used a short piece of the "H" shaped plastic that is used to fasten/hold paneling together. Sadly mine is white plastic, but it has worked for about 10 years now.
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    Got creamed on Thursday

    What year is your bike, I am guessing a 78? I had a Black 79 back when new and loved it. Had to trade for a car in the fall cause winter riding in ND is really tough!
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    Liberator fairing by Vetter

    The fairings are in ND. Supposedly in a storage building. I have not seen them. I also have not contacted the owner as the new HD dealer would not give out his name or phone number. I have done some digging on my own and found his number, just don't know if there is a lot of interest out...
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    Liberator fairings?

    Craig or anyone else? Would anyone be interested in a Liberator fairing. I posted several years ago about a HD dealer that may have some new old stock on hand. He has since sold the dealership, but kept all his storage buildings. He may still have the fairings. I am not sure what else he...
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    Liberator fairing by Vetter

    I am wondering how many would be interested in purchasing a NIB Liberator? I have a lead on a couple that allege to be NIB and never mounted. If there is some interest I will track it down and post here.
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    Calling all Terraplane Owners

    As I had posted in my intro post, I have a Terra plane on a 80 GL1100. I also had the original instructions along with mounting etc. Unfortunately I had a fire in my shop this past March and the instructions got destroyed. Thank goodness there are now copies available to down load on Craig's...
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    Weird 70's Fairing

    WOW! That's a new for me and I have been around slightly longer than most of you.
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    What do I do for a wiring harness?

    You might want to check Craig Vetter's site first. I know he has found many other sources for replacement parts. Might have one for the wiring also. First place I would look if I needed one now.