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    NOS Windjammer V For Sale

    Wow that is stunning!!!
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    Changing indicator bulb

    Thanks Dave - great information. To confirm - are you going to wire the sidelight wiring into the Windjammer headlight so basically turning either sidelight or headlight on the bike will feed the Windjammers headlight bulb? This is my plan as it will get the bike through an MOT and I always...
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    Changing indicator bulb

    That you Scott-E
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    Changing indicator bulb

    Hi, Im so sorry for posting a stupid question, but I have a windjammer that I have just fitted and one of the indicators does not work. How do I change the bulb? I have tried to unscrew from the rear (in the cubby hole) and it will not budge. Do you need to remove the indicator lense from the...