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    Putting Windjammers on newer bikes

    I see that this is a couple of years old, however, some thoughts for you to consider. There reproductions of Harley's big bike fairing (with the twin headlights) out there. The use a mounting system similar (in concept) to the Phantom mounting system. this might be worth looking into if money is...
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    Mounting issue

    I'm not familiar with the Honda Magna, but take a look at the Vetter Phantom method of mounting the fairing, then look at the 80s Harley FXRT and how they mounted that fairing. If you're having lower mount issues then perhaps you can mount it from the top and just stabilize the bottom .. just...
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    Jacwal Superwedge

    I think Batman rode something similar to that ....
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    Any love for the Windstar fairings?...aside from me

    I don't recall the Windstar Fairing .. is this a 70s era fairing? I have a 05 Harley FXD and was looking for a fairing .. the reproductions of the FXDRT fairings can run upwards of 2 thousand dollar range by the time you get it painted and mounted. I did, however, find a Wixom frame mounted...
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    Phantom 1500 bracket and windshield advice needed

    Back in 74 I had a Norton 750, the dealer, one cool guy, put 2" fork extensions and a 16" Harley wheel and tire on it. As I was preparing to take a trip to the Smoky Mountains, he said "you know.. you should have a fairing on that" and produced a Phantom from his attic .. my mouth began to water...