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  1. brianinpa

    New guy in Haverhill, Ma

    Welcome to the forum from PA!
  2. brianinpa

    mounting bracket

    Do you need a Vetter bracket? I may still have an 1100 bracket lying around.
  3. brianinpa

    honda Gold Wing gl1100

    My bracket uses hose clamps.
  4. brianinpa

    Looking for a Vetter Terraplane windshield

    Another option is make it yourself... A piece of plexi-glass will bend pretty easily after heated gently with a quality heat gun.
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    Numerous SPAM messages lately

    There is a leak in the dyke... we need a little Dutch boy!
  6. brianinpa

    Numerous SPAM messages lately

    I am glad to know I'm not the only one reporting them, but it's getting to be a full time effort reporting the spam.
  7. brianinpa

    Windjammer 4 on a '93 Suzuki GSX1100G

    I hate to admit it... I am not a fan of the WJ V. I have one and appreciate what it is, but I just prefer the WJ III more. Maybe it's those big orange turn signals. Looking great so far...
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    Bike or jet-ski?

    I thought the same thing. He took turns awfully slow and wide.
  9. brianinpa

    Bike or jet-ski?

    Do these bags make my butt look big? Seriously though, I think you would need to be selective of where you try to come ashore at... try it at the wrong place (all mud) you won't get too far.
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    Greetings From CFL

    Welcome to the forum from PA!
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    Vetter noob looking for basic disassembly help

    It helps when you have torn a few of these apart in the past... The scary part is when you start to see what others have done to them!
  12. brianinpa

    Vetter noob looking for basic disassembly help

    Maybe this will give you some insight. You must first take the knob off of the back side of the fairing. What I do not remember is where are the bolt heads that hold that bucket in the fairing (it's been a while...
  13. brianinpa

    Vetter noob looking for basic disassembly help

    If you remove the left and right side covers, you will see something similar to this on the inside of the fairing: Those two nuts hold the housing in the fairing. In some cases, two sided tape may also be holding it in at places to.
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    New owner and new member from Brampton Ontario Canada

    Welcome to the forum from South of the Border!
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    Looking for help/advice.

    Welcome to the forum! Parts are available on ebay, but postage will be more expensive than the part for you, unless you can find a seller in Oz. I think that the WJ III used just the basic H4 sealed beam headlight, so if you have the bucket, you will just need the ring to hold the sealed beam...
  17. brianinpa

    Vintage Chopper Photos

    But they run a lot longer with them.
  18. brianinpa

    Vintage Chopper Photos

    There is just something about those springer front ends! If I ever feel the need to have something like that, this is where I am going to start... I wonder what a Goldwing engine would look like in there! :D
  19. brianinpa

    RIP Steppenwolf

    Sad news indeed. I always wonder that when you see a frequent poster just stop. :(
  20. brianinpa

    Motorcycle Auxiliary Light Bill

    PA added that to their law some time ago... best thing our politician have done in a long time!