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  1. AVetterXS

    A call for Vetter serial numbers

    Thanks for sharing! I really love the WJ2 and WJ3's. The classic style turn signals just do it for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the embedded ones too.
  2. AVetterXS

    Terraplane Sidecar

    I wish I had more info on the VT's. There was a slew of fellows on here at one point whom were the wizards. I have not seen them in a while. One was Terraplane Tom.
  3. AVetterXS

    Doing more with less, a small Honda built my way.

    This is an interesting cool project you have going Alan. I have seen a number of Windjammers on smaller bikes over the years. Personally the smallest I have put one on is a 550. But..... there is a Vetter knockoff on Prince's CM400a. Thats a small bike...
  4. AVetterXS

    Picking up some parts this Friday

    Man that is a clean Vindicator. Its always cool to find those near mint Vetters! Can wait to see pics of it on the bike! :chopper
  5. AVetterXS

    First Windjammer

    Cool looking rig man! We love pics, share share share. I am a sucker for sissy bars, I think they just add to the look of a bike, and of course the function as well. :cheers
  6. AVetterXS

    X-Arc signals are the smallest, brightest signals you can buy.

    Wowsers! Very cool, thanks for sharing. In their rotating banner there is a Vetter bike with a tank on the back. Whats that?
  7. AVetterXS

    Hippo hands fit/use

    If anybody sees a pair in mint condition for sale I am looking!
  8. AVetterXS

    WJ V or Vindicator?

    I say Windjammer SS color matched to the bike! :bliss Other then that I think ill go the the V, however..... the Vindicator looks pretty good too. Did I help? :banghead
  9. AVetterXS

    Windjammer 4 on a '93 Suzuki GSX1100G

    This will be amazing to see the progress. Keep us posted on the project.
  10. AVetterXS

    Hello from the Midwest

    Welcome to the VOG forum Craig. Dig the setup! Great to have folks like you sharing on the forum, it really makes it worth it to see people sharing their Vetter experiences. Let me know if you need anything!
  11. AVetterXS

    Hello from the Bronx

    Welcome to the forum John! Super cool job on the Vetterizing your Harley, love it. Whats crazy is, I am seeing more and more people putting Vetter goodies on more modern bikes. This is very cool. If you need anything or have an forum requests or issues feel free to PM me or start a thread. Enjoy!
  12. AVetterXS

    Slowly getting back to normal

    Totally agree, all of my web server are CentOS and I have used Mac for year, and its built on a Linux backbone. I run Kali Linux as a virtual in Parallels. Windows has way to much fluff for me, hence MacOS.
  13. AVetterXS

    Slowly getting back to normal

    Linux! Now that's hard core. I think I can do that Scott. It would be cool to see this forum light-up again with VOGS.
  14. AVetterXS

    Slowly getting back to normal

    Yeah, the guy that built the gallery has not done a version for XenForo 2 yet. It was been like 1.5 years. It greatly anticipated, however he has gone dark. I may have to find another solution. Then importing all the data will be a huge challenge. Just sucks he crapped out. I did finally get...
  15. AVetterXS

    Vetter terraplane and K100RS

    Flipping amazing! Great job. Truly unique.
  16. AVetterXS

    1979 Cycle Sound enclosure part #1HHX5P

    Nice, I have a couple Craigs, different models though. I know Cycle Sound actually sold a deck turnkey unit. I cant remember what brand they were. I know there was a Cycle Sound sticker on top of the deck with you removed it.
  17. AVetterXS

    Slowly getting back to normal

    I think the forum is starting to be somewhat like it was. That newest upgrade bombed it bad. Glad I had data backups. The photo gallery is still broke, and the banner is still missing.The gallery dude isn't giving a timeline on the new version of Gallery that works with the forums new version. I...
  18. AVetterXS

    1979 Cycle Sound enclosure part #1HHX5P

    Thats super cool, looks all original. What cassette deck is in there?
  19. AVetterXS

    Would Moto Guzzi V1000 brackets fit a 96 California?

    Man, that's a good question. I am pretty sure that there was never one made from Vetter themselves. However, that looks as somebody took a standard older mount and retrod it to fit the guzzis. I am speaking from not know the true answer, but making a guess.