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  1. AVetterXS

    Terraplane for sale in the UK?

    I am guessing that will be a tough find in the UK! But worth asking. Maybe you can have one shipped from the US? Not sure how out of control costs would be.
  2. AVetterXS

    Free WJ III in Wyoming, NY

    Dave, this just goes to a login page.
  3. AVetterXS

    Stripped headlight adjuster

    That looks like it will work. Will you epoxy them in? Would like to see how this comes out. Thanks for sharing the idea.
  4. AVetterXS

    Hello from Liverpool, England

    Welcome Ken. Thanks for posting. Just read the showcase on your bike. Super, super cool!
  5. AVetterXS

    My Windjammer SS Project

    Wow Ken! Absolutely stunning job all the way around. I have pulled some ideas as well for my next build. Thanks so much for sharing the images and writeup of the project. Again amazing job. Please continue to share pics and stories, we love em!
  6. AVetterXS


    I have not seen one Hog. I'll look around.
  7. AVetterXS

    Ride video from youtube.

    Thanks Brian! Great posts. Love it! :chopper
  8. AVetterXS

    Corona Riding

    I have not been affected much also. Being in the tech industry I still stay busy. However, I am still looking for a new Vetter project. Craigslist daily!
  9. AVetterXS

    Picked up another CB750K

    Another fun project Alan. I need a few of those these days. Good luck!
  10. AVetterXS

    Picking up some parts this Friday

    Awesome! Keep us posted Alan. Good luck!
  11. AVetterXS

    New Member from So. Cal.

    Wow! What an amazing bike! You don't see those Phantoms 1700's very often. If you come across more images please share for the history we keep here on the forum. Maybe even start a thread in the Phantom section and post what ya have about the Series 1700! Be sure you put the search term Phantom...
  12. AVetterXS

    Corona Riding

    Has this "pandemic" stopped anybody from riding? Has it changed your riding habits? Hope you all are doing well!
  13. AVetterXS

    Ride video from youtube.

    Through the eyes of a Jammer! Thanks Alan.
  14. AVetterXS


    Are they in the original packaging?
  15. AVetterXS


    Heya David, You should post some pics of the Phantoms. Would love to see em.
  16. AVetterXS

    My barn find Russian Dnepr MT-11 sidecar motorcycle

    How cool! Thank you for sharing. That is gonna be some serious fun.
  17. AVetterXS

    New fairing design at Walmart

    Bwhahaha! I needed that laugh. Thanks!
  18. AVetterXS

    Windjammer 4 on a '93 Suzuki GSX1100G

    Glad the parts made it Dieter!
  19. AVetterXS

    Fairings with Stickers?

    Cool thread!! Where is your VOG sticker Brian??? Wait we never made any. :(
  20. AVetterXS

    Hey, from Phoenix, Az.

    Heya Cotton, Welcome to the forum, and thank you for sharing images of your bike. Love it! You are gonna love the Jammer in the warmer weather. I rode my in Bakersfield CA duding 100+ temps, and it was amazing. Removed the convection oven from my face! Brian on here has cut his windshield down...