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    Vintage Vetter Patch

    For you connoisseurs.
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    Making luggage mounts fit

    While looking around to find out why the luggage mounts in my recent purchase are different, (supposedly both off CB900C's), I ran across this thread. He must be looking over my shoulder.:cheers
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    Craig Vetter Seriously Injured In Streetbike Crash Thoughts and good vibes out to Craig and Carol.
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    Honda GL1000 Saddle Bag Identification

    The first of measurement of what I have for identification. As Craig has documented on his website, few of the mounting parts are labeled. Hopefully this will help someone in identification or choosing which will be easiest to modify for their application.
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    Calling all Terraplane Owners

    I have one but don't have enough knowledge about it to know what to I need to be asking about it. I acquired the Terraplane about 16 months ago and have not decided what I'm going to do with it....yet. It is rare enough (and cool enough) that I'm hesitant about selling it as I'll probably never...
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    Would a Technical forum for the Terraplane be appropriate? I know there is Yahoo Terraplane Group But it is a closed group and I find navigation a nightmare!
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    Vintage Vetter swag

    I still have some swag that came with my fairing (or bags, I've slept since then;)) back in the day (IE: late seventies.) Thought I would share.
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    Old Documents

    A few documents I've collected over the last few years.
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    My reentry and the Vetter

    Back in the day, I had a 1977 Honda GL1000 GoldWing Fully dressed in Vetter Gear. Life and 25 years got in the way until I was able to re enter motorcycling. For nostalgic reasons, I wanted to pick up with what I left off with. After months of searching, I had to settle with a 78 GL1000 (really...