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  1. roncar

    Best ebay buy yet

    Professional? Yeah, OK. Assisted a friend that was a semi-professional. Not his primary occupation but he knew a lot more than I did in any case. Bike and fairing was all painted at the same time. Primer, basecoat, topcoat, pin-striping (generic from auto parts store), and clearcoat. I love...
  2. roncar

    Windjammer/GoldWing Facelift

    One of the WJ3's I've acquired had the rectangular lights installed and they are very short. I've re-purposed them for a rear mount, but you can see how short they are in these pics. Unfortunately welding is not in my skillset, so I wouldn't have had this option if someone else hadn't already...
  3. roncar

    Windjammer/GoldWing Facelift

    Might just be me, however, the turn signals seem to stick out quite a ways. I'd look at narrowing them up some. DOT rules say they need to be at least 16" apart (center to center) and 4" from the headlight (edge to edge.) OEM on a GL1000 they are 18" and 5". "DOT rules 49cfr571.108" But that...
  4. roncar

    Three Days On the NC and SC Coasts

    Sounds like a case of CRS (can't remember stuff.) I've had it since my 20's, so it isn't age related. Did away with my cell phone (my kids can't understand that) because I don't need and didn't use it. When I called the carrier to cancel service, they asked why. Told them I didn't use it and...
  5. roncar

    Vetter Crash Bars

    Well if I understand you, that was a 'tri-point' attached to motor mounts front, rear, and below the engine. Pic is post-crash and looks pulled away from the engine (which it is.) Originally it hugged the engine more closely. Probably would have worked fine sliding down the tarmac. The car I hit...
  6. roncar

    Vetter Crash Bars

    I consider the term "crash" bar as misleading. Great for when you leave your kickstand up in the parking lot, but in an actual crash, YRMV!:(
  7. roncar

    Tires for my 1979 Honda GL1000

    That's always an "it depends" question. Chewing up twisties in the mountains and eating up miles on the superslab have different requirements (stick to the road like glue or last many many miles.) Here's some recommendations but keep in mind styles/models change and could be replaced by...
  8. roncar

    One Piece Molded Cycle Sound or Clone

    Looks like there may be many, many "CycleSound's" I've never seen.:eek: No idea of the date of this ad, but probably before Honda started putting fairings on their bikes at the factory (1980) as Hondaline is not listed, and I KNOW there was one.
  9. roncar

    Vetter Crash Bars

    1. Do not expect "crash bars/engine protectors" to protect your engine in a crash. I call them 'oops' bars. Great for when you drop your bike in the parking lot, but...... 2. Lowers can be (and often are) trimmed to clear crash bars. 3. Crash bars that attach at the rear upper motor...
  10. roncar

    Hello From Maine

    This looks an awful lot like it. Can't say for dimensions though.
  11. roncar

    My 1975 Goldwing and Terraplane

    Got it for ya.
  12. roncar

    One Piece Molded Cycle Sound or Clone

    Like I said, I'm totally guessing on who may have manufactured the one piece units. only mentions cyclesound and vettersound (a direct copy of the cyclesound.) As such, I didn't know one piece units existed until recently. When or who made these is still only a guess until more...
  13. roncar

    Vetter Trunk on a GL1000

    Trunk looks to be sitting right. I think your seat is thicker than the one on Craigs bike. King/queen seats were not OEM and many many manufacturers jumped on that bandwagon. On my 77, back in 77, the k/q seat I purchased was a kit. New foam and cover on the original seat pan. Looks like it...
  14. roncar

    One Piece Molded Cycle Sound or Clone

    That's what I love about the forums. Piecing together a 30-40 year old puzzle. A little info here, a little info there, and we come up with an idea of what went on back then. May never get a clear picture, but at least a stick drawing in pencil.:p
  15. roncar

    One Piece Molded Cycle Sound or Clone

    I think there may be 3 (or more.) I wasn't there, and only have 5 enclosures (ONLY?) to compare. 1. 2 piece with cyclesound on the enclosure and cyclesound on the speaker covers. 2. 2 piece with cyclesound coaxial system on the enclosure with no speakers nor cover. 3. 2 piece with vetter on...
  16. roncar

    One Piece Molded Cycle Sound or Clone

    I'd love to see the installation manual for this version. While not overwhelming, getting that adapter plate out was interesting. I can see where less mechanically inclined people would have some difficulties. START... FRONT OFF RADIO OUT
  17. roncar

    One Piece Molded Cycle Sound or Clone

    Shows how much I pay attention to my purchases.:( The 'package' I picked up in December also has a one piece Vetter Sound. No markings or emblems on the shell, but Vetter on the speaker grills. It has a 'post' type radio...
  18. roncar

    Do I need a shrink?

    Yes, of course you do. ;) But wasn't VOGS determined to have no treatment nor cure?:p Besides, you just bought a new home for one of them.:bliss
  19. roncar


    Hard to tell from your pic, but I know there were several variations of the CycleSound/VetterSound for the Windjammer fairings. And at least one version that was for the Hondaline fairing that was way too big to fit in a Windjammer. Here is a comparison pic, VetterSound on top Hondaline on bottom.
  20. roncar

    Considering this Vetter GL

    Off the top of my head.... turn signals are rectangular on 79, round on 78 (and their attachment is different.) front brake reservoir is rectangular on 79, round on 78. spokes on the comstar wheels are different. tail light is larger on the 79 and has 2 bulbs instead of the 1 on the 78. not...