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  1. Scott-E

    Hi From Kirkwood MO

    That's a nice setup! Welcome to the Forum also. I can't imagine any motorcycle sold at an estate sale that does not need work. I found a BMW K750 at an estate sale I had to pass up. His Widow could not give up her husbands motorcycle until it was past saving. I told my wife not to do that. I...
  2. Scott-E

    Steering damper pictures

    That's normal. It only dampens rapid motion which is a lot faster than you can push and pull it by hand. It would take care of rapid oscillation of the handlebars ( tank slap) or a VW steering wheel but still allows normal steering action without resistance. Years ago when my hobby was air...
  3. Scott-E

    Saved an old Bushtec Motorcycle trailer

    Those "hammer nuts" are just hubcaps. After you remove them like any other hubcap you find a self locking nylock nut on the end of the axle holding the wheels on.
  4. Scott-E

    ISO radio and hardware

    You don't really need a full size DIN opening. My Cycle Sound enclosure was not large enough to stick a DIN metal frame in it for the radio. Someone had started cutting it and then realized that was not going to work. My solution was to go with the rough cut opening already there and made a...
  5. Scott-E

    Liberator near nyc

    It's too far away for me. Otherwise I would be on it like white on rice! I'd buy it and then find a Motorcycle I could mount it on.
  6. Scott-E

    Windjammer IV and Sidecases For Sale

    Windjammers are too big to ship via USPS or any of the other carriers. It would need to be on a standard truck forklift pallet and freight truck shipped. What you do is get a standard wood pallet and build a plywood box on it with everything well padded inside. It's going to be expensive. In...
  7. Scott-E

    Trunk liner?

    I used a Dollar Tree floor mat. I cut it to fit and it's worked well for several years now. If you don't know what Dollar Tree is it's one of those stores where everything is a Dollar ($1). I also lined the pockets in my Windjammer fairing with the same stuff. It's easy to cut with sharp scissors.
  8. Scott-E

    Picked up another CB750K

    Shouts "I am the Night Rider!" while committing all that mayhem in the middle of the day......
  9. Scott-E

    My Windjammer SS Project

    All Windjammer mounting brackets are subject to fatigue, stress, vibration fractures, and just plain old rust. I think your right on track for a successful repair. I designed and fabricated brackets for my 2006 Honda VT600. Needless to say none ever exsisted for my bike. Having an existing...
  10. Scott-E

    My Windjammer SS Project

    Make sure you pull the light pods out and check the lenses. The glue used back then degrades after a few decades. The lenses are glued to the bulb reflectors. The lenses can fall out while your riding from vibration. You'll never know when one or both have fallen out until you get off the bike...
  11. Scott-E

    Vetter terraplane and K100RS

    My Russian Sidecar motorcycle was easy to setup because the motorcycle was designed to tow a sidecar. The manual even warns about attempting to ride the bike without the sidecar attached. After I got the engine problems worked out I did ride it without the sidecar just to make sure the engine...
  12. Scott-E

    Corona Riding

    All my "Corona" riding has been on my Russian Motorcycle. I managed to get the odometer up to 2,498 Km during this pandemic. Then I took the sidecar off it and proceeded to do the 2,500 Km service. During the 3 days required to do that I switched to my Vetter equipped Honda VLX 600. I've...
  13. Scott-E

    New fairing design at Walmart

    I don't think they will be coming down. The reason for that was evident at the service station I use that has ethanol free gasoline. They put up one of those plexiglass shields immediately after the lock down started. When I stopped for a fill-up yesterday they had replaced the plastic one for...
  14. Scott-E

    My barn find Russian Dnepr MT-11 sidecar motorcycle

    I found a Russian Military Sidecar Motorcycle in a barn just before Thanksgiving last year (2019). It's a KMZ Dnepr MT-11 not to be confused with the Russian civilian version of the IMZ Ural motorcycles still in production today. KMZ shut down Dnepr Motorcycle production in 1994 and sold all...
  15. Scott-E

    Hey, from Phoenix, Az.

    Welcome to the forum! Hopefully this Virus thing will go away soon with the heat. I've been out riding but it's just not the same without stopping to eat and meet others somewhere along the way. Nothing wrong with an old bike! It's the ride that matters and not what your riding. I prefer older...
  16. Scott-E

    New fairing design at Walmart

    ROFLMAO! That does look like a huge fairing! The place where I get my non-ethanol gasoline for my Motorcycles just put that clear sticky plastic wrap across two metal poles that hold the Cashiers Cigarette ready access rack above the counter serving the same function but it looks very Redneck...
  17. Scott-E

    LED Headlight option

    The only difference between regular automotive lights for cars and trucks and those for Motorcycles are the filament wattage used. The old 7" sealed beam 'Motorcycle" bulbs had 35 watt filaments for both the high and low beams and the same light patterns as the Automotive bulbs. The old...
  18. Scott-E

    LED Headlight option

    The LED bulbs for H4 filament type bulb replacement don't produce the correct light pattern. It's like putting a square plug in a round hole. They fit the hole on the bulb housing but stick out the back a lot more due to the required cooling fan. The LED headlights that come as a complete...
  19. Scott-E

    Just a hole

    I replaced all the locks on my Vetter gear on my bike. Some had already been drilled out and none of the others had Key's so I had to drill those out myself. All my locks on the Vetter gear is keyed alike as a result. I still get nice comments on my Honda VT600 with a Windjammer 4, bags, and...
  20. Scott-E

    Just a hole

    With that info in the manual you can get a new lock to fit in Tractor Supply. It's located in the hardware isle. If I remember correctly it's for 1/2 inch thick wood drawer facing. That 1/2 inch denotes how thick the wood is but directly relates to the length of the lock between the lock base...