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    Hi Dan, Craig has not been on in a while. I will send him this message direct and see if he gets it.
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    S1000 on my 66 Yamaha YM1.

    Thank you for sharing the story Phil. Sounded like quiet the adventure, broken jaw and all. Do you have near future plans to restore the bike? Thats pic is so cool. Those vintage real member pics are classic.
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    Suzuki Savage

    I personally have never seen one on a Savage. BUT, like Scott said, measure er up! Free bike! Man, I need to get on Santas nice list.
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    Winter Project for my GL1100

    Thats gonna be a fun project! Welcome to our little forum. Always remember, we love pics!
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    Phantom 1700

    Thanks for sharing the pics!
  6. AVetterXS

    Patches, Patches, and Patches!

    PM me on these fellows. I am looking for the few I have left.
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    My Windjammers through the years and bikes!

    Dan, thanks for sharing more photos from yesterday and today. Seeing those vintage pics is warming that is for sure. I really to like the bikes of today, however they can not complete with the beauty and styling of yesterday. I guess that's why are these bike manufactures are putting out "retro"...
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    Hippo hands fit/use

    Thanks for the offer, I am in the scale down mode of all things I have too much of!!
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    Vetter Goodies For Sale

    I have WAY to much Vetter stuff taking space in my garage (I know, there is no such thing as way too much), and my wife cant park in there. haha So I am selling some doubles and triples of goodies. Let me know if there is interest, just shoot me an IM. Vetter Bike to Bike X2 new in the box...
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    The Vanilla Jammer! Nice! Welcome to the forum. Thats gonna be a fun project. Keep us posted and remember we love pics on this forum!
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    Hi From Kirkwood MO

    Welcome to the forum Jim! Nice looking ride, I really love those Beemers with Jammers.
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    Spotted a Windjammer on the road today!

    Now that is funny!
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    Terraplane for sale in the UK?

    I am guessing that will be a tough find in the UK! But worth asking. Maybe you can have one shipped from the US? Not sure how out of control costs would be.
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    Free WJ III in Wyoming, NY

    Dave, this just goes to a login page.
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    Stripped headlight adjuster

    That looks like it will work. Will you epoxy them in? Would like to see how this comes out. Thanks for sharing the idea.
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    Hello from Liverpool, England

    Welcome Ken. Thanks for posting. Just read the showcase on your bike. Super, super cool!
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    My Windjammer SS Project

    Wow Ken! Absolutely stunning job all the way around. I have pulled some ideas as well for my next build. Thanks so much for sharing the images and writeup of the project. Again amazing job. Please continue to share pics and stories, we love em!
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    I have not seen one Hog. I'll look around.
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    Ride video from youtube.

    Thanks Brian! Great posts. Love it! :chopper
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    Corona Riding

    I have not been affected much also. Being in the tech industry I still stay busy. However, I am still looking for a new Vetter project. Craigslist daily!