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  1. Craig Vetter

    Mystery Ship #3 Has Been Found

    Mystery Ship #3 has been found. The new owner, Alan Smith will be showing it at the Japanese Motorcycle Show at Auburn, CA this weekend. I'll be there too. Most Vetter fairings went onto Japanese bike, so you may be interested. The Quicksilver and Mystery Ship shared common features...
  2. Craig Vetter

    About The New Banner

    June 15, 1967 Four of the first Vetter fairings - Series 1000 Fairings - on Yamaha 350s. My brother, Bruce left… me reading map, Duane Anderson fussing with something. Jim Harding snapped the picture for me. I remember that early morning ground fog. The sun was just breaking thru behind us...
  3. Craig Vetter

    Breakfast At Daytona 26th Annual

    Our Motorcycle Hall of Fame is very dear to me. This is where the greats of motorcycling are honored. This is where their stories are told. This is where their motorcycles are displayed. Over the years, I have come to know many Hall of Famers. They are not ordinary motorcyclists. At the 26th...
  4. Craig Vetter

    A call for Vetter serial numbers

    I am writing the definitive book on the Windjammer Fairing and need your help. Every Windjammer had a serial number plate with a specific number. The number is stamped into the aluminum plug plate. Over the years, I have been able to collect numbers for the following fairings: Windjammer...
  5. Craig Vetter

    Craig Vetter Medical Update - November 2013

    Hip Replacement of Sep 18, 2013 37 years ago, I crashed my RD 350 at Road Atlanta, destroying, both my bike and left hip. They put me together as good as they could in those days. I limped along in life, hoping I might never have to do anything about it. Things began deteriorating rapidly in...
  6. Craig Vetter

    Website Update - October 31, 2013

    A real tail. More chargers. New tires. New wheel bearings. Terry Hershner is ready to set a new Coast-to-Coast record.
  7. Craig Vetter

    Hardware Kit Question - CB750's

    Hello Craig, Could you tell me what is the difference between the CB750 K1 – K6 hardware kit (CE0054) and the CB750 A, F, K 1977-78 hardware kit (CE0051) ?? Could CE0051 be used on the K1 – K6, and what would be the effect? Thank You for your time, Peter Honda Peter, I am not sure that I...
  8. Craig Vetter

    Putting Windjammers on newer bikes

    This is a common question. In fact, this is from this morning: "I have a 1999 Yamaha road star 1600, the opening on your fairing won’t go around the fork tubes as they are too wide... " He wants to put a Windjammer on his bike. This is my answer: "The Windjammer was designed around bikes the...
  9. Craig Vetter

    My hopes

    When Kynan told me that he was organizing a Vetter Owners Group, I thought: “This is great! He can do all the work and I can have all the fun.” I have countless untold stories behind all those Vetter designs. I look forward to sharing them with you