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  1. Terraplane Tom

    Terraplane Windscreen Attachment Method

    I installed a new windscreen, then added a tonneau cover to keep the rain out.
  2. Terraplane Tom

    Parts list

    What did you use for a center cap on the sidecar's wheel?
  3. Terraplane Tom

    One Piece Molded Cycle Sound or Clone

    I also have a one piece unit that has a vetter emblem on the front of the pod.
  4. Terraplane Tom

    Is there ever a vetter meet anywhere?

    Sounds like GREAT idea!
  5. Terraplane Tom

    Pulling a trailer

    Just add a wheel to the left side of a Terraplane and a tongue to the front.
  6. Terraplane Tom

    Sad, Sad, Story

  7. Terraplane Tom

    Wrong Lowers

    Send me a picture, I might just have an extra set to trade.
  8. Terraplane Tom


    Here's the link:
  9. Terraplane Tom

    Opinions on highway bars

    I love them on my bike!
  10. Terraplane Tom

    Trunk and Bags

    Note: Photo courtesy of Craig Vetter
  11. Terraplane Tom

    Vetter tank bag

    Here is my Vetter tank bag.
  12. Terraplane Tom


    They still make those brake parts and right here in Minnesota!
  13. Terraplane Tom

    Windjammer brackets

    To raise mine up I used a longer blot and added a nut between the bottom of the fairing and the mounting bracket.
  14. Terraplane Tom

    First Windjammers

    I want one!
  15. Terraplane Tom

    Terraplane Bike-side mounts

    Here are some pics, I will have to take measurements for you when I get a chance.
  16. Terraplane Tom

    8" Vetter rubber headlight cover

    Not sold, if you still want it PM me.
  17. Terraplane Tom

    Hello from Little Rock AR.

    I took one that I got that had been stripped and rebuilt it.