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  1. Scott-E

    Started a sidecar project yesterday.

    I fabricated an adapter for connecting the Bike frame to the sidecar frame. It's made of 2" X 4" X 1/4" heavy angle iron. I am using 6, 3/8" X 1.25" U-clamps to attach the adapter to the motorcycles frame. Two of the clamps are attached to the frame tubing where it starts curving upward so I...
  2. Scott-E

    Started a sidecar project yesterday.

    I need to proof read my writing a little better. I think that was an auto correct mistake I didn't catch.
  3. Scott-E

    Started a sidecar project yesterday.

    I can fabricate a brake pedal and mount it on the sidecar frame so it's close beside the bikes brake pedal. I'll set it up so I can press both at the same time. Right now I'm designing a small frame that will attach to my bike where the sidecar lower frame mounts will attach. It can stay on the...
  4. Scott-E

    Started a sidecar project yesterday.

    Picked up a 1982 Honda Rebel 250 that was missing it's engine an a few other parts I don't need. Paid $75 for it. I wanted one of the wheels, rear shocks, and swing arm to use for the wheel and suspension on the sidecar frame. I have all that stuff stripped off the frame so I could check those...
  5. Scott-E

    Why all the sales drama buying a sidecar?

    My son has a Kayak but I never really paid attention to it before I starting thinking about sidecars. I quickly realized the same process used to make those modern Kayaks could be used to make sidecar body's. They could be made very inexpensively, would be very durable, and very light weight...
  6. Scott-E

    Why all the sales drama buying a sidecar?

    I've been looking on-line for a sidecar. I'm having arthritis problems with my right ankle. Eventually that's going to lead to injuring it when my ankle rolls over at a stop and the bike falls over on me. I can't believe how every site that sells them goes about it. They are all misleading...
  7. Scott-E

    terraplane gone!

    I've heard Sidecars carry more dogs than people!
  8. Scott-E

    headlight mounting question

    No! That slot is for adjusting the headlight beam side to side. What you do to adjust the light to center it (if required) is loosen the bolt just enough to allow the headlight to be moved back or fourth in that slot until the beam hot spot it straight ahead. Then you carefully remove the bulb...
  9. Scott-E

    Headlight trim ring retaining screw size? Original WJ

    You need a thin 7/16 open end wrench to hold the thin nut that locks the adjustment knob to the shaft. Once yoy remove the knob you can remove the two bolts that allow the shell to pivot up and down as the adjustment knob is turned. The entire shell is held by just those two bolts and the...
  10. Scott-E

    Single downtube mounting?

    You could run stays from the fairing mounting bracket to the front engine mount bracket. It would be easy to replace the stock engine bracket top bolt with a longer bolt and use that bolt to connect the stays.
  11. Scott-E

    WTB Liberator Fairing

    Not only that Liberators were made of Fiberglas. Unlike ABS plastic Fiberglas can and will rot over time. Not only is it's rare to find one, finding one that's been kept in a controlled environment is going to be near impossible at best. If I had an old Liberator fairing, even if it needs a lot...
  12. Scott-E

    Looking for a Vetter Terraplane windshield

    I would make a form from thin plywood and furring strips. Make a frame from the furring strips and then fold the plywood over it. The trick to folding plywood is hot water. When you wet the plywood with hot water it will go limp. Then place it over the frame and attach it to the furring strip...
  13. Scott-E

    Vibration Isolators on Side Racks

    They are attached to the frame via contact cement. The metal part where the rubber is glued on it is perfectly flat where it meets the rubber. The rubber may simply pull away due to age with a aggressive tugging and twisting as mine did. They were already close to falling off by themselves. When...
  14. Scott-E

    CB ideas

    My CB is mounted so the in-radio speaker is pointed so it's unobstructed and pointed toward the inside of the fairing. It's loud enough to hear as I have factory installed exhaust so the bike engine is super quiet. As for as using the stock microphone, that's no problem as long as you are not...
  15. Scott-E

    WANTED: Windjammer & Hardware (1981 Honda CM400)

    Post a Wanted Add in your local Craigslist and perhaps in other Florida locations you would be willing to travel to. Some AM Radio stations have call in "Trade Line" shows where listeners can buy, sell, and trade stuff and you could call in and ask if anyone has a Windjammer they are willing to...
  16. Scott-E

    Yahoo fourm move

    Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and others will soon follow with a similar Yahoo experience of going from being the top dog to just another failed online company. They are demonetizing 80% of their video providers and by default the viewers that don't agree with their political views. I don't...
  17. Scott-E

    Looking for help/advice.

    When I designed and fabricated the bracket for my Honda VLX 600 I did not set the windshield angle to the same angle as the forks. The reason for that is the fork angle is extended to give the bike a chopper look. I hung my WJ to a rafter so I could hang it over the bike and see what it looked...
  18. Scott-E

    Vintage Chopper Photos

    That's the only one that survived of that bike. The Honda Interceptor I brought back from Japan was different than the one sold here in the States. It was fully cowled, had larger carburetors, and no limiters like the ones sold here in the States. My 750 domestic Japanese market Interceptor was...
  19. Scott-E

    Vintage Chopper Photos

    Yep! I spent a lot of time at my GQ station in for forward engine room, which is where I kept that bike. My GQ station was at the #1 generator switch board. I had nothing to do because all the generators were under automatic control in the Central Control Station with another Operator standing...
  20. Scott-E

    Vintage Chopper Photos

    Choppers just don't look right with a radiator hanging out front.