1. J


    I have for sale a box full of vetter parts from a honda shop that installed them back in the day. Mostly NOS. Alot of hardware, wiring parts, and etc. I will try and post pictures. I also have a lot of mostly nos brackets, not sure what they are for. No reasonable offer refused, if you have any...
  2. I


    Looking for a PDF of the original Manual and any other materials that would be helpful in installing my Terraplan sidecar onto a Road Glide. I found one link on here - but it appears to be hacked, taking me to a Russian site? I don't want to see Donald's emails - just a manual. Any help?
  3. Mohladissenter

    Need help disassembling Cycle sounds and radio

    Any diagrams of exploded cycle sounds clam shells and stereo arrangements? I can't seem to crack mine. Took the speakers out and all bolts I could see last night, trying to access the Sony Xr25 deck that isn't powering up, to no avail. The wiring all checks out (tested with voltmeter) and I can...