Flaking chrome on luggage, a solution.


Vetter Aficionado
When I obtained my Vetter Saddlebags the chrome was in poor shape. It was flaking off and rusty in places. I did my best to remove the loose chrome and rust with a wire brush mounted on a pedestal grinder. I then painted them black. Four months later now and more chrome has flaked off taking taking some black paint with the flakes. They look like crap again. Today while I was working on some electrical stuff I needed a peace of split loom tubing for a wiring harness repair. Suddenly a flash of inspiration hit me in the head. After finishing that job I grabbed a package of black 3/4" split loom tubing and and a sharp knife and headed out to the bike. In just a few minutes I covered those ugly flaking chrome and failing paint job on the luggage bumpers with that split loom tubing. I think it looks pretty good myself. It comes in other colours and even chrome. Here are a couple of pictures of the result.



Five Star Vetteral
I like that! I am of the opinion that chrome is over rated. For me it it looks bad, I sand it and it becomes flat black. I tried the Aluminum paint, but nothing compares to flat back.


Vetter Aficionado
It would be nice if it came in Red and was Reflective so lights would light it up. You can buy it in Red but it's not reflective.

Another thing I've been thinking about is cutting holes in the tubing that would match the location of LED lights on those 12Vdc LED strip's. I could intermix Red and Yellow LED strips so they could become custom tail, stop, and turn signals like one of these. It would mean running wires to the saddlebags but that's no different than the wire that connects to the Tail Box.