My oldest son has a Rocket III touring. He wants to mount a handlebar fairing to it. I would like to put on a Liberator even though I will have to make the mounts and slightly modify the inside of the fairing to fit the huge tank on the Rocket. He is sort of un-decided as of now. He has never had a handlebar of frame mounted fairing, just windshields. I don't think he realizes the difference in ride quality and handling.
Clean that jewel up and takes some pics, then show and we will admire! Don't forget to tell the story. How cool John, congratulations on a great find.


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I'm confused by that site post. Besides the fairing, the thing looks nothing like a Harley. Say anything to make a buck and attract HD fans I suppose.
I called them and asked what they were asking for it. I also disputed the claim that it was a "Harley Clone" as most Harley touring bikes are actually GoldWing Clones. Dude on the other end of the phone just laughed... Oh yeah, $3500.00