Mounting brackets for windjammer on 85 xj700

Hi all,
New here and always wanted a Windjammer since I saw em as a kid. My current project is a 1985 Yamaha Maxim xj700 that I'm trying to put a Windjammer IV on. Obviously I haven't been able to find a mount for it and wonder if maybe a mount for an xs750 or 650 would work. Or anything close enough to make minor modifications to that would work. Any ideas?


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Any mount can be made to work. Not knowing what the differences are between the frames are, I would suggest finding a bike that has a similar frame design to keep the modifications to a minimum.

Dave Ireland

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I've found that the GS850 is as near as damnit a fit on the downtubes of the XJ900. I believe the XJ750 and 900 share a lot of things, possibly including the frame, so even if ou have to slightly modify a GS850/1000 bracket, it will fit without many problems, if I'm right. I would also hazard a guess the downtubes on the 700 Maxim are very close too that.
I have one here for exactly that duty - just not got around to it yet. The only thing that stands in my way is the relocation of the oil cooler, which you probably don't have.