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Aug 25, 2013
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Coeur d'Alene, ID
In wanting to maintain a wealthy knowledge base for our members, the forums administration will enforce the following guidelines as they apply to advertising on the Vetter Owners Group forum:

No business or member who is determined to be a representative a business, will be allowed to advertise on the forum without making prior arrangements with the forum's administration. This includes, but is not limited to:
-Advertising within a newly created Vetter Owners Group forum thread.
-Advertising within replies to established Vetter Owners Group forum threads.
-Advertising within a Vetter Owners Group forum member signature.
-Advertising within an Vetter Owners Group forum members avatar.
-Advertising within graphics or text on a Vetter Owners Group forum member profile.
-Advertising within unsolicited emails or private messages.

Copying and pasting nearly exact renditions of content posted on another website, forum, or blog is prohibited.

Copying and pasting copyrighted or intellectual property from another website or member in order to advertise that information, ideas, or products is prohibited.

Forum moderators and administrators will consider debatable intent and recognize the need for exceptions. Administration requests that all members who are unsure as to whether or not their proposed content does not fall outside these policies are encouraged to private message a moderator or admin prior to posting. Administration will, at their discretion, may perform the following actions conflicts are noticed:

-Request that a forum member remove the contact via a reply to a post, a private message, or email.
-Permanently delete all or part of the offending post and to include removing links within the posts.
-Close or make posts and threads unavailable to the public.
-The forum administration reserves the right to suspend or terminate a members account without warning due to repeated or overly grievous offenses against these policies.

When a forum member comes across content which does not comply with the policies listed please report to a moderator or administrator via PM or email.

--Vetter Owners Group Administration
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