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I bought a 1981 Vetter brochure on Ebay which has info on the Terraplane sidecar. The sidecar came in ABS plastic and fiberglass shell, I did not know they did that!
Vetter 1981 Pg9.jpg
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Hi Tom,
This came from the 1981 brochure with a cover showing a headlight and two amber wing lights - is that correct? I have that brochure too, but it doesn't include all the pictures your seems to have. Wondering if I have an incomplete brochure. Mike


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I have never seen one and it wouldn't make sense to me to make a product like this out of two different materials and two very different processes I would think. It is a mystery to me as to how the reference to ABS ended up in the ad copy. I have a number of questions I would love to ask someone about the design, production, and marketing of the TP if I could find the person. Mike


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I can't find my copies of the brochures right now to see HOW they referenced ABS, but IIRC the brochure does refer to fiberglass and ABS in the making of the Terraplane. That doesn't mean they were made in both materials ENTIRELY, bu that the main shell and top is fiberglass and some of the insert panels were molded in ABS, much like the fairings are fiberglass, but the glove-box doors were ABS. Smaller parts are best done in ABS, but the larger body panels are easiest in fiberglass.