Rooster Windshield

Salutations all;

I am wondering where I can get a replacement windshield for my Vetter Rooster Fairing? $80 for a piece of Lexan is allot of money on ebay.

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Prices for new windshields aren't cheap but it's nice to have the options that are out there. Gustafsson's was the only place that carries a windshield for the Vetter Terraplane. The fit was exact and it was nice to have color(smoke) options.


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Yeah and they have different size options also. Stock it the 14'

I was surprised to see 17 1/2", 20 1/2", and 22 1/2" also

I can't see me getting either of those though but the 17 1/2" might be a good fit.


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Puuuuurrrrrrple rain purple rain. My mom was obsessed...I had to listen to all that when I was younger.......

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