Scored a set of Vetter saddlebags for $25.


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I got all the brackets and rack too. There is the base mount for a top box still attached to the rack. Kind of sad that the rubber mounts rotted and the top box was lost. For $25 I could not resist buying them but after holding them up to my Honda VLX 600 I'm not too sure about mounting them on that bike. They sort of look too big to hang on the back of my low slung cruiser. Currently I'm using a couple of plastic ammo boxes I got at a Tractor Supply Black Friday sale for $15. If I do mount them I'll fabricate new brackets and not chop up and reuse the current brackets I made for my ammo boxes and Pelican top box. What do y’all think?



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I went ahead and made new brackets for my Vetter Saddle Bags and mounted them on my Honda VLX-600. I was worried they would look odd on the back due to the large size. After mounting them they don't look as large as I thought they would. I took a test ride including a rough road. I encountered no problems or noise from them. I'm really happy I went ahead and put them on.

Here is my Honda VLX 600 with a Windjammer IV Fairing and Vetter Saddle Bags. My to box is a Pelican Equipment case. Hopefully I'll find a Vetter Top Box soon.


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Looks good. Any plans to color coordinate the fairing and bags or tank and side panels?
I was thinking of Silver Metalizer Plasti Dip on the front area of the fairing and the doors on the bags. That way if I screw it up I can just peal it off and start over.


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Great price, and don't rush into the decision on the size of the bags in relation to the bike. I thought the same thing when I put them on my 1200 Standard. Now I think they look small.