Scottish Games Vetter Vindicator!

Discussion in 'General Vetter Discussion' started by AVetterXS, Apr 9, 2014.

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    It's about time I saw a Vetter fairing in Bakersfield Ca. Well, actually no, I didn't see it, my bud Jeromy saw it at the Scottish games. The Scottish games are an annual event held here in Bakersfield. I wish I knew more about the games, but I have not attended, but perhaps I should. Jeromy took this pic and sent it to me, and how cool it is. A Vetter Vindicator!

    You don't see many Windjammers here in town, and let alone a Vindicator. I bet this fellow had that fairing for many years. If only he knew how cool his bike is (or maybe he does). So raw, and so neat. Many elements are almost period correct looking, rusty pipes and all.

    I showed my wife, she said it looked dumb. My feelings were hurt.


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