Vetter Bike-to-Bike Communication System

They call these the Vetter Bike-to-Bike communication system. I picked up a couple of these new in the box on eBay! How cool. They are a helmet mounted communication system for chat between two people. I have never used one of these, so I am not sure of the range or clarity. I picked them up for collector pieces. I might try to find another couple to play with. To neat!

I think I have an eBay problem. I may need professional help. Then again, I tried that and it didn't work.

Those were a super cool find! Ill keep my eyes open and if I see anything cool, I'll broadcast it.
I am not taking these ones out of the box. I am thinking of buying 2 more, then getting a vintage Vetter helmet and hooking them up that way. I know Terraplane Tom has a set and has used them before.

I am curious as well. I cant image they are that good being of early communication gear.

Here is the link on eBay


Five Star Vetteral
I saw them on ebay. I was just curious if one kit is for two bikes or if you need multiple kits for the number in the group.

I need to stay out of ebay. Too many things there that are enticing!

Terraplane Tom

Vetter Aficionado
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P1000666 (2).JPG

Here's some pictures of the bike-to-bike mounted to my helmets. They actually work pretty good, I was impressed.
We use them to communicate between the driver and the rider in the sidecar. Yes, you need at least two of them.

Terraplane Tom

Vetter Aficionado
There's a piece that mounts to the helmet so that the unit can be easily taken off. The microphone and speaker are held in place by Velcro so it's very easy to remove.