Vintage Vetter swag

I still have some swag that came with my fairing (or bags, I've slept since then;)) back in the day (IE: late seventies.) Thought I would share.



Five Star Vetteral
I see some of that stuff on ebay from time to time. When I bought something, I went a little bigger...

I like the decal.
The decal is way cool. Maybe I need to make some cool decals. I was born in the mid 70's so I have no cool vintage swag to share.
That was my 'main' toolbox at the time (purchased ~1972.) All my tools fit in there, although around 1987 it was a challenge to get them in there 'just right' so it would close. If I had not put the decal on there, it would probably be long gone by now.

A VOG decal would sure look nice on my bike's windshield (hint, hint.;))
Well there you go! On my watch list. I am going to look into getting some decals done. That would be cool to have on the windshield. What size circle do you think? 2" 2.5'?


Learning the Ropes
I like the decal - Repo's would be cool :)

Part of my "fun" vest shown here.

I purchased both the large and small Vetter patch off ebay in the same auction awhile ago.

The XJBIKES patch I semi-custom designed for myself. (The swirl design I borrowed from the forum). The engine and is exhaust is a from a cropped and photoshopped picture of my maxim.

The patch and several others I designed/redesigned were submitted to and printed on a 12"x17" piece of material.