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  • Scott-E
    You did a great job mounting it on your Bike! I put a WJ IV on my 2006 Honda VLX-600. Most other Bikers have never seen one and ask me what kind of bike I'm riding because they've never seen one like it before. When I tell them the...
  • D
    Latest modification: LED Headlight Dieter
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    guitarzan replied to the thread Car wheel on a Terraplane.
    Hello Roulemabosse, I'm curious if you've made the switch to the car tire yet and I'd be interested in what modifications you had to make to the sidecar? Thank you Guitarzan
  • D
    dieter replied to the thread Material of headlight housing.
    I’ve now cut an opening into the headlight housing and made the first testruns. Seems like it is working...,. However - I need to make a better photo of the headlight installed in the bike. And - I believe a WJ 5 will look better...
  • Scott-E
    I acquired a 1982 Honda Rebel 250 rolling frame. I was going to build a Sidecar with the swing arm and rear tire but I can't bring myself to cut up the frame. It has no damage at all. It was a "lost title" bike but now that frame is...
  • T
    Good luck with the build. Looking forward to the Vetter fit up!
  • RIckrod3
  • RIckrod3
    Here is a better picture of it.
  • RIckrod3
    Proud owner of this. Yes, it is a Liberator. Mounted on my Yamaha XS1100. I saw this fairing years ago at a motorcycle salvage yard, mounted on an XS1100 and never could quite stop wanting it. It was in pretty rough shape by the...
  • AVetterXS
    AVetterXS replied to the thread Vetter Document Portal v.1.
    Great! I think it died when I forum ate it during the last upgrade. I'll look into the issue. Thanks for the note.
  • RIckrod3
    I bought a 1981 Vetter brochure on Ebay which has info on the Terraplane sidecar. The sidecar came in ABS plastic and fiberglass shell, I did not know they did that!
  • Andy52
    Andy52 replied to the thread Material of headlight housing.
    If you mean the main plastic shell of the fairing, it can be softened and bent with a heat gun and welded with a soldering iron. I haven't tried stretching the plastic with heat though.
  • D
    Hi folks, I've recently purchased a 7" LED insert to replace the old headlight insert. However, there is a little bir more room necessary. Easiest would be to use a heat gun - if the housing is some kind of thermoplastic. Any ideas...