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    Just a tease

    Looks very tidy so far
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    my 1980 Suzuki GS1000G

    130/90x17 is the one I have on my Z1000ST as standard fitment, do you think a 140 would make much of an improvement if it would fit? although I can't seem to find a supplier that does a 140/90 in a 17 they all seem to be 15 or 16 now.
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    Trunk bunkies question

    I would think it unlikely that all 4 would fail together before you noticed a problem.
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    Practical uses for your spare Fairing

    LED now in side lights and indicators
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    Practical uses for your spare Fairing

    Have now added a second to the stand, pics to follow!
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    Practical uses for your spare Fairing

    Take your spare fairing, mount it onto a cycle stand, change bulb types for LED and add a LED 230V - 12V driver, wire up, plug in and switch on! and you have a standing floor lamp like the one below.
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    Tri-bar luggage

    These are pictures of a Givi K Rack for a twin shock bike I sold a while back, not sure if the detail is any help?
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    Pantera II Vetter copy

    I did eventually find a use for my Pantera I fairing when I could not locate a suitable screen, hope yours works out better!
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    Well, it's arrived - WJ IV for GS850G

    I found that something like "Hob Brite" cleaner for glass hobbs cleaned the inside of the fairing of painted marks without too much scratching.
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    Well, it's arrived - WJ IV for GS850G

    Check when you get your cabinet lock, I made the mistake of thinking they were all the same but some have the square orientated 45 degrees and as I needed to use the Vetter latch bar as it was longer I had to file out the latch at the right angle for the square to make it the correct orientation...
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    Well, it's arrived - WJ IV for GS850G

    Thats useful then then, I did try to use the Vetter amber sidelights but was told it had to be a forward facing white light. Anyway I was not keen on the Amber light idea as someone may have mistaken it for a faulty left hand turn signal if viewed from a junction so I disconnected the low...
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    Well, it's arrived - WJ IV for GS850G

    Something to bear in mind when changing the sealed beam unit for a standard UK fitting is that the Vetter headlight bucket is very shallow and although the repalcement lamp unit will fit there is not enough room to put the side light holder in as the bucket is made for US lights that do not have...
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    Does anyone think this would work?

    Maybe just a tube slightly larger diameter that the backrest tube fixed either side on the frame then the backrest slides inside and is secured by a clevis pin or bolt through both so its easy to remove the backrest by just lifting out. The mounting tubes could go downwards and pick up on a...
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    Pantera II Vetter copy

    There is a pair of new ones on eBay delivered for £25.95 here.