1976 GL1000 Windjammer III w/Saddlebags & Burro trailer restoration

What is your favorite 1976 Honda Goldwing Color

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I finally got up off the couch and started the process of tackling getting my '76 GL1000 on the road. Secured my motorcycle learners permit and will have my title straightened out. Seems as if back in the day, they though the frame and engine serials matched (like autos). Good think we have a police force that "gets" this and appreciates when a citizen works to make things right. All while swapping stories of Iron Butt trips with a novice. I am thinking my wife everyday for choosing to live here 20 years ago! As I get things rolling and done at each stage, I'll provide an update.

The first step was to dismount the WJIII to get a good view of the serial.
I've attached a pic of the WJIII on my bike. I do not like the glitter paint scheme. It will change to one of the factory colors. The family (the Mrs & Son) have indicated the Blue Green is their pick. Any preferences?

IMG_0126[1].JPG IMG_0132[1].JPG IMG_0157[1].JPG IMG_0158[1].JPG


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For me... too many people make a big deal out of the yellow bikes. I'll have mine in red please.

Oh... I'd paint that one also!