Early Windjammer Fairing Serial #2884 for sale

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Is this a fair price for this early windjammer?

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  1. Yes, or could even be higher.

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  2. No, you are asking too much.

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  1. dave0802

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    May 19, 2017
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    Would anyone have an interest in this fairing? Craig stated that it is one of the earliest Windjammers made, between 1971 and 1973. He said it looked like it was modified to fit on a Moto Guzzi, which was the handbook found with it.
    I was walking the dogs in an alley behind Main Street in Speedway, IN.
    All the glass, incl windshield in great shape. No headlight of course.
    I don't have a motorcycle, would like to see someone who appreciates it,
    get it for their bike. I don't know what a fair price is, but I am going to say $100.
    It is available for pick up or if you want shipped, I can find that out as well.
    Let me know if you have an interest. I just thought someone would appreciate it and its history.

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