Get Well Craig Vetter Poster (Important)

Ok fellows, by now most of you know Craig has been in a serious crash on his Streamliner. He is having lots of ups and downs, as you can expect with a bad motorcycle crash.

I would like to put together a "Get Well Craig" from the Vetter Owners Group poster. Ill design and have it framed and send to him in the hospital.

It will feature the Text I stated, our logo, and pics of as many members Vetters as possible. I will also put the forum name below each persons pic. The pic can be of just your bike, or you and your bike.

Since its print, I will need the highest resolution picture you can get me. So please send me an email to with the photo attachment, and your forum name.

I will post what members pics I have received. I would like to get this to Carol to present to Craig in the next couple weeks. So act fast.

I think when Craig sees the poster, it will really let him know how much we all care.
Images received from members to far. Thanks fellows! Keep them coming.

Terraplane Tom
Larry Fine
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I just saw this and think it's a great idea. I can send my avatar pic if it's not too late but would like to do a new one tomorrow evening with me and my bike. Let me know if there's still time.