New lights for your trunk that are easy to install and cheap.


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Jan 27, 2016
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Weaver, AL
Not using your trunk because the lights are bashed making it ugly? We know the problem. Replacement lenses are not available and neither are those bulb "funnels" with the exposed wires just begging to get messed up from stuff rolling around inside the trunk. Here's a cheap and easy solution that does not require drilling more holes or sawing slots to mount other kinds of lights and will not make your wallet turn red. If you find original lenses and bulb funnels you can always go back to the original setup. You need two Blazer B55UW Metal Stop/Tail/ Turn lights. You also need two of the large round red reflectors with peel and stick mounting tape. You'll also need 4 #8 sheet metal screws that are 1" long. These items are available at your local Wal-Mart where they sell trailer supplies. The screws are also sold in the tool and hardware isle. The lens on the metal shell is removed and then reassembled by sandwiching the trunk body between the lens and metal shell using the longer sheet metal screws. There's not enough room to mount a second light beside the one in the hole next to it. That's what that large round reflector is for. Peel and stick it over that hole.
This is what it looks like when your done.

You may want to bolt some metal or plastic strips to protect the wires that exit the rear of the metal shell. Simply cut a couple of strips and bolt them to the screws that would have typically been used for mounting the lights to a trailer. Now you have 2 working lights and 2 large reflectors that look like they should be there. Best of all it appears to have been originally outfitted that way. Oh! I just sat the lens on the trunk body to take the picture and that's why the screws are missing.
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