Vetter Trunk on a GL1000

I picked up the GL and I noticed that the truck seems to be sitting a little low. Looking at the mounts everything seems correct. I am also basing this assumption on Craigs 78GL showroom bike.

Does anybody have some input. Take a look at my backrest and then Craig's. Mine is into the back seat. Maybe the rest is to big on mine. Hmmm

Trunk looks to be sitting right. I think your seat is thicker than the one on Craigs bike. King/queen seats were not OEM and many many manufacturers jumped on that bandwagon. On my 77, back in 77, the k/q seat I purchased was a kit. New foam and cover on the original seat pan. Looks like it covered part of the backrest as well.


Vetter Aficionado
The trunk is sitting correct. Your seat is an aftermarket option with more padding to make it a lot more comfortable than the original seat.
The pad on the trunk is held on with two small screws inside the trunk. If it were mine I would remove the pad and make a new one. The new one would have the bottom part of the padding and cover removed that sits below the upper part of the seat. Then I would move the trunk slightly forward so the pad lines up vertically with the seat.
Another option you could do is make some spacers that would raise the height of the trunk so the original pad can be retained. Coupling nuts could be used as spacers making that job easy. The downside of doing it that way might lift the trunk too high and make it look odd.
Coupling Nuts
Thats some good information. I checked all the mounting and everything did look correct. I think its just as you guys have suggested about the aftermarket seats.