XS11 Lowers Question

This is what I have on mine and it was a perfect fit.A little bungee cord pulls it tight against the chrome air filter cover so I put a strip of foam rubber on both sides so then it wouldn't tear up the chrome. I don't know what model it is called.I might try to get out to the garage and have a look a little later

Did you ask me for a print of this picture Kynan? I can't remember,been a little busy.If so it might be easier for you to copy it to where ever you go and touch it up how you like it.It is a bit out of focus tho.
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PAUL politsch

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Hey fellas, I just picked up a set of lowers for my GL. Going to get the decals for the bike next payday. Now I have the complete package (with cycle sound).. Happy Winging everyone..
There were two sets for the XS11. Type 2 and Type 54. The only difference is the Type 2 are for the pre WJ5 and the Type 54 are for the WJ5. This ix according to Steppen's testimonial and what I read on Craig's site. I would still like to see a confirmation on the Type 2 from somebody that has a pre WJ5 and XS11.
Do you think you will take them on and off thru the year or just leave them on year round.With it being watercooled would help in the summer.
I take mine of because I am air cooled and kinda fries me and I can only guess what it does to my engine.

PAUL politsch

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I'm not sure to tell you the truth. Really didn't give that much thought being in South Florida could run a little warmer @ the heads in the day time. Internally I'm sure it will be fine as long as the thermostat is up to par along with the water pump. I'm going to invest in the oil cooler with a spin on filter. I'm sure this will cover the heat issues I'm also going to substitutes 3/4 of a quart of oil with Lucas to protect them bearings. (OFF TOPIC) I used that stuff in my 5.7 an blew the Oring between the oil cooler an the block. It pumped all the oil out of the engine drove it 15 miles empty. Fixed it had 32 psi @ idle 50 under load an over 290.000 when I sold it many years later..
Glad you are giving some thought to it Paul.Never did look to see where you lived:)
I have never been sold on the oil coolers except in racing or heavy throttle use.
I have always thought that if my bike needed one the factory would have put one on as they spent thousands of hours testing every type of riding conditions. The 850 Yamaha three cyl came with one because it ran hotter,why I don't know.
You have a water cooled engine..new to me.
Before you use the Lucas I would really look into that for your engine,size and year on the wing web sites.
Just a thought or two.
Like the new lowers..adds more class to a classy lady already:)
I rode a 79 XS1100 year round in western Washington for 96,000 miles with lowers on, never had any overheating problems. I wonder if the channeling of the air close to the cooling fins helps?